How To Buy YouTube Subscribers That Are Legit

YouTube is the second most visited platform globally, with 2 billion + monthly logins and over 1 billion hours of content being viewed every day (Source- YouTube Press Blog). With so much untapped market to be explored, marketers have made YouTube their number one destination for video marketing. They are turning YouTube into one of the most highly contested platforms to date.

In the past, YouTube presented people with fewer choices – hence they had no option but to watch what was being offered. Now the ball is on the consumer’s side of the court. Viewers now have the opportunity to switch from one video to the next, putting enormous pressure on creators to produce high-quality content to stay ahead of the competition. Even if you did manage to attract new eyes to your content, it is much more difficult to get viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Getting your first one hundred thousand subscribers is vital for your channel, but it is easier said than done; for all, we know it could take at least six months to two years to achieve that target. Not to mention the amount of work that will go into producing quality content. The entire process is daunting. Much is at stake; you cannot afford to wait for a long time to see your subscriber grow. Hence the viable option at hand is to buy YouTube subscribers.

At the end of this article, you will have a thorough understanding of

  • Why you should buy YouTube subscribers
  • The pros and cons of purchasing YouTube subscribers
  • How you can buy real YouTube subscribers
  • Tips to get the best out of your investment

We have so much packed into this article that you cannot afford to miss anything; please stay with us till the end.

  1. Why Is There a Need to Buy Legit YouTube Subscribers

It is one thing to buy YouTube subscribers. But before we go into more detail, we must first understand why YouTubers choose to purchase subs and why you have to get them from legit vendors.

As per a study by Tubics, YouTube is host to more than 37 million YouTube channels – this number is 23% more than the year before. Every minute YouTube gets 500 hours of content uploaded from all these channels. Because of such vast numbers, there is cutthroat competition among YouTubers that eye the same audience. Hence, it is not surprising when many decide to buy YouTube subscribers. Everyone is looking for something that can give them an edge over their rivals.

You might have noticed YouTubers asking their audience to subscribe to their channel; why is that? – subscribers are vital for the growth of any channel. YouTube receives 2 billion + monthly logins, and every creator wants a sizable portion of that pie. Those who are subscribed to your channel will watch more of your content and spend more time than those who aren’t. To remain relevant, YouTubers need to ensure a steady flow of viewers.

Why do some videos have more reach than others? – The YouTube machine learning algorithm considers many factors while appraising a video. But the most significant one is watch time. The more viewers watch your videos for an extended duration, the more YouTube will recommend them to other users that have similar preferences. 70% of all content watched on the platform is decided by YouTube.

Budding creators are often duped by entities that claim to get them, quick subscribers. It is high time you knew that just showcasing huge numbers will not benefit your channel.

The YouTube algorithm undergoes multiple revisions, and it is getting smarter every time. YouTube has been around for more than a decade, and the algorithm is aware of channels that utilize “fake subscribers” – YouTube knows this and will take appropriate steps.

2. Pros of Buying Organic YouTube Subscribers

Higher YouTube Ranking

More subscribers will significantly boost your channel and videos because of increased engagement and reach– securing top spots for your content in YouTube search engine result pages. Top videos command the highest traffic resulting in more views and more watch-time. This can substantially increase your video’s chances of being suggested to new audiences who have a similar preference in content.

Social Proof for New Audience

Having a greater number of subscribers on a YouTube channel is a powerful flex that acts as social proof – it is an invisible force that can attract new viewers to your channel. When you buy more subscribers, your channel will immediately look more appealing to anyone that lays eyes on it for the first time – consequently winning you more views, more watch time, and higher reach. On the other hand, low subscribers will attract fewer people, and even less will convert into your subscribers.

Get the Upper Hand on YouTube

Every successful channel with millions of subscribers had to start from zero; it will also be the same for you. But when you buy YouTube subscribers, you get a quick head start, leaving your rivals dead second in the race. The traffic on your channel is directly related to the number of legit YouTube subscribers you possess; hence the more you have, the better your chances. Audiences are also known to subscribe to a channel that boasts a superior subscriber count.

Does Not Put a Burden on Your Pockets

You can find many websites where you can buy YouTube likes at affordable prices, but the difficulty lies in finding the legit ones who provide real people as subscribers. So, remember to do an in-depth background check on vendors before you approach them for their services. It would be best if you always stayed away from the ones that offer bots.

3. Cons of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Beware of Scammers

With so many service providers claiming to provide authentic subscribers – it has become much more challenging to differentiate between the genuine ones and those that are not. Sites should possess evidence that can back up their claims. We recommend selecting vendors that have been around for a while and have a good track record dealing with other creators on the platform.

Subscribers That Are Not Relevant

Having subscribers for your channel is essential, but they should also give you real engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares. It has got more and more difficult to find vendors that deliver a targeted audience – at times, they get you subscribers whose interests do not correlate with your area of specialization. You could benefit by finding sites that specifically target the audience based on your choice of location, interests, and behavior – this ensures that you only get subscribers that are genuinely interested in the type of content you produce.

Fake Subscribers

It’s astounding to see so many sites that provide cheap, unreliable, and poor-quality subscribers. The services they provide usually come in the form of bots and can negatively impact your channel. When it becomes clear that the subscribers you have are not real, YouTube will even go to the extent of suspending or banning your account. Hence, when you buy organic YouTube subscribers, be sure to find vendors who are transparent about their services.

There is no right answer because, for every positive, there is also a negative side. But with the right approach, you could get the best result for your investment.

We urge you exercise caution before striking any deals with a service provider. We could draw similarities to when we compare products before making the final purchase; the same tactic should be employed when narrowing down on the right vendor. Do not jump the gun and go for the one that pops up first in your sights.

4. How Can You Gain Real YouTube Views

Once you buy YouTube views from a trusted vendor, you would have already given your channel a competitive edge. Now it’s time to make better on that move and take full advantage of your newly added YouTube views.

We are here to tell you how you can do just that.

Design an eye-catching channel page

When a new user comes across one of your videos and gets intrigued enough to click and come to your channel page, at that moment, you have a few seconds to convert that visitor into your permanent subscriber. You can take the following steps to make sure that you achieved that result.

Channel Description

Start by writing a solid ‘channel description’. It is heart-breaking to see that nowadays, many channels have descriptions that look appalling and comprise only a single sentence – people will move away from that channel without giving it a second thought.

On the contrary, a strong description is one that

  • Carefully describes the channel.
  • Provide all necessary details required by a user.
  • Has a solid call to action.

Channel Icon

Next up is your ‘Channel icon’; why is this important? – Channel icon is the one thing that will appear almost everywhere on YouTube. Hence, you must carefully select a perfect one – use a high-resolution headshot of yourself as your channel icon if you are a personal brand. For channels representing companies, we suggest using the official brand logo.

Channel Tagline

You want channels to stand out from the rest? – ‘Channel tagline’ can help you with that.

  • Start by determining what makes your channel ‘one of a kind’. No matter what it is – If It helps you stand out from rest, then go for it.
  • Next, insert your tagline into your channel art.

Channel Trailer

With a channel icon, tagline, and descriptions in place, it is time to create a dope ‘Channel trailer’.

  • The first 3 seconds of your tailor should include your channel tagline.
  • YouTube vouches for shorter, so we suggest limiting it to 60 seconds.
  • Everything good that your channel has to offer must be included in between your trailer – 20 – 30 seconds highlight is preferable.

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