How many calories do a large pizza has?

Pizza is the one thing that has tremendously gained the love of the people and people crave it without knowing how many calories do a large pizza has. Let’s disclose what makes the pizza bad for health. 

Pizza a junk food:

I bet you all know that pizza comes under the junk food and it became even worse for your calory count or dieting when you are having big, heavy cheeses and beef or mutton. However, now that the people are more aware of the diet they should have taken daily, healthier options are also available at the restaurants. 


Why pizza is not considered healthy?

There is no doubt to this statement that pizza is a processed food with a lot of calories and other processed fats which are bad for your health. 

You might crave the pizza but just give it a thought about how much it will take to burn the calories that you have just taken in one meal. 

Ingredients like processed dough, processed meat which is fried in oil, and many unhealthy calories accelerating ingredients come in one slice of pizza.

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It is stated that even the biggest pizza chains which are ruling the globe have high tendencies of animal fat and cholesterol which is the root cause of many diseases like cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, and many more.

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Calories count of a large pizza:

The size and diameter of the pizza are usually different for different restaurants therefore there is no fixed calory count for one large pizza.

Adding more to this the toppings, cheese, sausages, and processed food toppings also determine the proper calory count of the large pizza.

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Even though the fast-food chains are focusing on calories products and thriving for healthier fast-food options, calories reduction has been seen but it’s not so astonishing to be applauded at.

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Pizza of different diameters have different calories count for instance:

Large pizzas usually come in 15 and 16 diameters.

One large pizza of (15 diameters) contains calories of 2975 which is not universal as explained earlier. 

One large pizza of (16″ diameter) accumulates 3384 calories in total.

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Does eating fast food reduce weight?

This might seem silly but the people who want to crave junk are actually looking for safer and healthier food options out there. Eating some healthy options out there might help you reduce some weight but trust me it’s not worth it. About this, the filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, explicitly explain what all diet on the fast-food chain MacDonald does to your body mechanisms. 

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Bottom line:

You want to dig in some pizza in your cheat days sure dig in some but please make sure that you are having the healthier options out there. Many fast-food chains are looking for optimal solutions to decrease the calory count in the pizza slices by adding some nutrient factors and healthy proteins in their pizza. Vege pizza is one of the best choices which you can get out there.

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