Guide on How to Play Sic Bo

If you’ve never played the casino game Sic Bo before, you should know a few things before starting. First, you need to know what the odds are. You can bet on the nine and the twelve areas in Sic Bo. You also need to know when to bet big and when to bet small. You can play the game smartly and make the most money if you know how the odds work and how to handle your money by playing at

Simple Guide on How to Play Sic Bo

OKBET Sic Bo is an old Chinese game of chance where the roll of three dice decides the winner. And since luck is all you need to win at Sic Bo, you don’t need to learn any complicated game plans or strategies before you go to the table. Once you know how to read the table, the game is easy to play and is one of the best ways to spend money evening at OKBET. Here are the four main things you need to do to play Sic Bo. 

Place Your Bets

At the beginning of each hand, you must show your bet by putting your chips on the part of the table that matches the bet you want to make.

Dealer Rolls Dice

Once all the bets have been recorded, the dealer will roll the three dice by hand or machine. In most casino games, players get to touch the dice. But in craps, they don’t.


When the dice finally stop, you’ll know if you won or not. And if you have, you will get paid based on what the table says.

Try again and see if you win.

Now that you know how the dice came out, it’s time to make your next bet and trust that good fortune will favor you. In the end, it’s all about having fun and being lucky.

Strategy for Sic Bo

Despite Sic Bo is a game of chance, players can make educated guesses by examining each bet’s odds. They have a slight advantage due to this. When playing sic bo, the safest bets are the small, big, even, or odd bets because they provide you with the best opportunity to win.

The odds and the house edge are other essential things to remember. The payout for each bet and the house edge can differ from casino to the next. You want to go to the casino with the best odds and the slightest house edge to win the most money.

Playing Sic Bo

The dealer picks up three dice from a small chest in Sic Bo. After that, the dealer shakes the chest to shake the dice until it’s time to show what the three dice add up to. If the dealer rolls the same number you bet on, you win.

Sic bo is played at a table that displays the various dice combinations that can bet on. It’s important to remember that the table layout can change from place to place, but the goal stays the same. Players can bet on the dice combinations that are listed on the table. Each possible combination has a certain chance of being rolled, and players must use this information to assist them in making intelligent wagering decisions.


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