Do You Need a Physical Address in Another State?

As a business or an individual, you might think about getting a physical address in another state. For example, you might currently live in Florida but want an address in another state because of the beneficial laws and regulations. If this is the case, the good news is that you will find high-quality physical address mail services in the market today. 

Benefits of Physical Addresses in Another State 

Do you need a physical address in another state? Of course, nobody needs an address in another state. Yet, a growing number of businesses and individuals are opting for this route because of the benefits it brings. For example, somewhere like South Dakota has favorable social security and pension tax. What’s more, this same state doesn’t charge personal income tax. 

South Dakota is an important example for this purpose. Although states like Texas and Florida can also boast these two benefits, they can’t compete in many other areas. For instance, South Dakota currently tops the leaderboard when it comes to Dynasty Trust Laws. On the other hand, Florida sits in 12th position and Texas doesn’t even get into the top 12. 

Additionally, car insurance prices average $420 compared to double that in Texas and over SIX TIMES that amount in Florida. Meanwhile, vehicle registration is generally more affordable, vehicle tax is lower, and vehicles don’t need annual inspections. When you find a location like South Dakota, it makes you wonder why you put up with the unfavorable conditions in your current state for so long (nobody can blame you!).

While you don’t need a physical address in another state, you’ve seen in this section just why so many people are opting to get one. If you’re to choose this route, make sure you work with a physical address mail service to simplify the process. 

How Does It Work? 

When working with mail services, they will guide you through the process and help to prevent mistakes. For example, they’ll tell you to complete a USPS 1583 form to get the process started. In many cases, people see that they must complete a form and click away in panic. Don’t worry, this is just one side of an A4 page and asks for basic information. 

Next, you’ll need to stay in your chosen location – South Dakota is the example for this guide since it’s a popular option. Make sure you stay for at least one night whether this is at a hotel or another location. While in the state, use the new address. 

From here, your chosen service will guide you through the driver’s license process. As you visit the Department of Public Safety, you’ll get your new license and take the right steps toward residency. 

At this stage, you’re probably wondering how you collect your mail considering that it’s now going to a physical address in another state. Well, your chosen mail service will collect everything, and you can either visit them physically to collect everything or request all mail online. The very best mail services have a virtual mailbox where you can read everything online. If you prefer physical mail, your mail service will ship everything to your real home address. 

As time goes on, these types of services continually improve. For example, they can offer next-day mail sending after an initial request and secure online viewing portals for those with a virtual mailbox. 

Why not get a physical address in another state now and enjoy all the benefits that come with it? 



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