Different types of Dinnerware used in our daily life


Different dinner sets are used daily to serve additional food items and other purposes. The term dinnerware” refers to a broad category of dishes, ranging from the standard plate and bowl to more specialised dinnerware with unique shapes, colors, and sizes.

The choice of plates or bowls for a luxurious and expensive meal should be made with consideration for the theme or requirements of those foods.

Types of Dinnerware:

This article will discuss different types of tableware and their purposes.

1. Dinner Plate

The plate used for main courses is called a dinner plate. The type of plate that is typically used to serve the main course is called a dinner plate. This plate has a diameter of about 26 cm and is shaped like a flat circle. But it also comes in a range of sizes, from 8 to 12 inches

2. Dessert Plate

For both formal and casual banquets, dessert plates are typically used. Craftsmen usually refer to the dessert plate as the luncheon plate. This plate has a wide range of uses and can be used for desserts, appetisers, and snacks. The size of this type of plate is 18 cm. They are usually used at gatherings like weddings and parties.

3. Bread & Butter Plate

Bread and butter are referred to as BnB. It is customary to serve bread and butter on a BnB plate, and BnB plates are generally circular-like plates. The main distinction is its diminutive size, which measures only 15 cm in diameter.

4. Soup Bowl/Platter

Compared to other types of dishes, soup plates are shaped differently. Because this particular type of plate is designed to hold soup and other watery foods, the design reflects its primary purpose as a soup container, and the plate’s top features a bowl-like arch.

Because the salad plate is larger than the bread and butter plate, you don’t have to worry about being perplexed when presented with different types of plates for serving ordinary dishes and salads.

5. Salad Plate

Typically, salads are served on this plate only. The salad plate itself is circular and comes in two different sizes. The first type is large, measuring around 22 cm, and the second is small, measuring approximately 20 cm.

6. Appetizers Plate

A type of plate called an appetiser plate comes in a wide range of sizes. The size range begins at 17 cm. The typical feature of this plate is a curved tip without an indentation. A dish that can be used to serve an appetiser, such as cheeses or fruits, is called an appetiser plate.

7. Fish Tray

This dinnerware is used to serve various fish dishes. Oval in shape, varying in size depending on the size of the fish that will be placed on the fish plate.

8. Rice Dishware

A rice bowl is a container that is used to hold rice. Usually, Chinese restaurants use this bowl, which is between 4 and 4.5 inches in diameter. There are now many variations on the rice bowl, and culinary businesses use it.

9. Cereal Dishware

Vegetables and soups can both fit in a cereal bowl. The cereal bowl’s construction prevents heat transfer to the outside, protecting your hand from burns. A cereal bowl can typically hold 1 to 2 cups, or 8 to 16 ounces, of liquid.

10. The finger bowl

A unique “finger bowl” is used to hold water for washing hands before eating. It is typically found next to the main course on the dining table. This finger bowl is miniature and has a half-ball shape.

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