Common Google Penalties and Fixes Every Business Owners Need to Know

Sydney is one of the most favourable places in Australia to launch a small business. The city has the biggest population in the country. It is also the best place to land a job in this part of the world. Areas like Parramatta and the CBD are lined with big and small businesses aiming to thrive in the highly competitive market. These enterprises rely on digital marketing services from SEO Sydney firms to help them achieve their goals. 

But there are times when businesses that initially opted to work on the SEO campaign commit glaring mistakes that can affect their search engine rankings. Google has its way of finding out these violations and penalising erring websites. If you happen to commit these mistakes intentionally or not, here are some of the most common penalties and solutions that you need to keep in mind to recover from the penalties.


SEO experts define cloaking as a webmaster guideline violation as the process of showing mismatched pages to the search engine platforms and the user regarding a specific query. This violation leads to two forms of penalty. The first one involves partial matches that can harm individual landing pages, while the other affects the entire website. 

You can ask your SEO Sydney service provider to fix the penalty by clicking Google Search Console, then select the Crawl tab. It will take you to the Fetch as Google tag to help you determine the landing pages of your site that Google flagged for a penalty. Then, you can begin to rework the affected pages after identifying where you went wrong. Once all the necessary revisions are created, you can file a reconsideration request to the search engine platform.  

Keyword Stuffing/Hidden Text 

Google pays a lot of attention to the quality of your site’s content. But if you stuff keywords in your site’s content to boost your online visibility and obtain higher search engine rankings, you may find yourself on the lowest half of the list if Goggle discovers your SEO trick. 

Fixing the problem requires you to type in Google Search Console > Crawl > Fetch to let you spot the affected portions in your landing pages. You may look out for similar text and concealed content with the use of CSS positioning. After discovering the site’s hidden content or stuffed keywords, you can make the necessary adjustments. To eliminate the problem, you may modify or replace the content while changing the title tags and all the alt text. You can start requesting Google to reconsider your case once the problem is addressed. 

Expired Posts 

There are times when the job vacancies or ads mentioned on your website are no longer available. If your company released one to look for a person who can fill up the role, here are some items that you may consider. 

Fix this issue by removing the schema markup of the job post or the promos posted on the website. It will redirect the user to a page with a 404 code to signify the removal of the post. Then include a no-index meta tag to the webpage to alert the search engine to skip indexing the specific page when the bots crawl the website. Again, you need to submit a request for reconsideration to Google once the issue is fixed. 

Addressing the penalties issued by Google will help the company website improve its search engine rankings. Fixing the issues right away will help boost your ranks and get out of the penalty zone as soon as possible. 

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