BlackBull Market Apps for mobile trading, and Blackbull Review

BlackBull Markets lags market heavyweights like IG and Saxo Bank since it doesn’t have a proprietary mobile app. Read our guide to the Best Forex Trading Apps for our top recommendations for trading apps.

Overview of apps:

The iOS and Android versions of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) apps are both available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play store, respectively, as BlackBull Markets is a MetaTrader-only broker.

Additional trading platforms

BlackBull Review Markets is primarily a MetaTrader broker, providing desktop and web versions of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform suites.

  • Overview of platforms: There isn’t much to say about the broker’s MT4 offering because to the restricted number of markets and the absence of platform add-ons. The special features that are offered are provided by third parties, such as the inclusion of third-party social copy trading programmes and support for running Virtual Private Servers (VPS). BlackBull Markets also offers TradingView and HokoCloud in addition to MetaTrader.
  • Social copy trading: In addition to the built-in Signals market in MT4, BlackBull Markets also provides several third-party apps for social copy trading. ZuluTrade and MyFxbook are two services that support copy trading.
  • VPS hosting: For a monthly subscription, BlackBull Markets offers VPS service from BeeksFX to algorithmic traders who want to run their MetaTrader platform continuously from a VPS. If you fund your ECN Prime account with at least $2,000 and execute at least 20 standard lot (2,000,000 units worth of trading volume) per month, you can additionally get a free VPS service.

Market Analysis

Compared to the top FX and CFD brokers in this area, BlackBull Markets does not provide thorough market research coverage in written or audio-visual format.

  • Overview of the research: Each day, BlackBull Markets publishes a series of articles that include both technical and fundamental analysis for trading symbols. The Trade in 60 Seconds series, for instance, consists of one-minute videos that highlight a certain trading symbol, such as a specific currency pair or CFD.
  • Market news and analysis: Both the in-house team at BlackBull Markets’ Market Reviews articles and the collection of films they make are of a high calibre and offer depth from a technical and fundamental analysis perspective. Simply put, I was let down to see that there isn’t more everyday content.

For BlackBull Markets, resuming the creation of live streams would be a positive development, along with a general expansion of daily content.

Learning facility

On its website, BlackBull Markets has a section devoted to teaching that includes tabs like “Learn to Trade.” However, the majority of these lack thorough materials. The only videos offered in this section are platform tutorials, which, while useful from a product aspect, don’t really qualify as instructive content in my opinion. However, it is important to note that BlackBull Markets has produced several instructional videos that can be found on its YouTube page. These, including the Whiteboard Wizards playlist, seemed to be of a respectable quality to me.

Pepperstone Best Australian Forex broker

For Your Trades, Quick Execution Speed

Of all the forex brokers in Australia Pepperstone is the Australian best forex broker. As, Pepperstone’s trade execution latency is among the lowest. Your risk of slippage or gapping is significantly decreased when it takes an average of 30ms to complete your trade. We performed 25 trades across many brokers to compare them based on experiments utilizing MetaTrader 4 demo accounts. Our studies conducted at the beginning of 2022 revealed that Pepperstone, with speeds average 85ms, is one of the finest options for quick execution.

The majority of liquidity providers’ servers are hosted at the Equinix NY4 data centres, which are only 18 km from Wall Street in New York, and this is how Pepperstone reaches these speeds. Using the same data centres as the liquidity providers reduces the distance and, consequently, the amount of time it takes to communicate with the provider’s servers. Optic fibre is the fastest and most reliable way to transmit data.

Pepperstone Provides Platforms for Trading Forex

Pepperstone provides the well-known MetaTrader trading platforms via the MT4 and MT5 web apps, WebTrader, as well as for mobile devices and tablets running iOS and Android, Windows, and MacOS. Excluding MacOS, is the same. Both Windows desktop and online browsers offer access to TradingView.

Razor accounts can trade with cTrader in addition to Mt4 and MetaTrader 5. This platform is well-known for its depth of market (DoM) trading, thorough charting features, and allegedly quicker execution.

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