Best Road Trip Songs For A Long Travel Playlist

-Do we love city life?

-Of course, we do.

But, sometimes, a break is much needed, and that’s when we feel like embarking on the unknown paths and being the wild child that’s hidden inside us. However, a playlist is much needed when we plan a long journey.

This is because you can’t drive the entire journey silently. You can also not chit-chat with your buddies continuously. That’s where music comes to the rescue.

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Why Do You Need A Playlist While You Travel?

You may ask us why you need a playlist while you travel? Isn’t the scenic beauty enough to keep you entertained and amazed?

Of course, it is. But, you may get tired of relying only on your wanderlust spirit throughout the whole journey. This is why you need a playlist to save you.

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Number 1: You Get A Tempo For Driving

Driving for a long time can be monotonous, and after a while, your friends may not entertain you with the occasional chit-chat also. That’s why make a travel playlist and turn it on because it will energize you to keep on driving.

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Number 2: You Can Sing-Along

The people you are traveling with may not have the same mindset as you, which may bore you as you travel with them. However, a travel playlist can save you there. Once you turn it on and people start singing along, you can feel different energy coming from you to keep you going.

Number 3: It Gives You Good Vibes

Music can be the best companion when you start a journey, and it can set your mood just the way you want it. So if you are feeling happy, put on songs that fit the spirit, and if you are excited or feeling gloomy, you can choose songs according to that.

Best Road Trip Songs For A Long Travel Playlist

Once you undertake a long journey, you can select a few songs that will keep you company throughout. Let’s find them out here.

1: Born To Run- Bruce Springsteen

The actual essence of the maverick spirit of this song is shackled in the scuffed lyrics of sex, rebellion, disgust, and determination. However, once you turn on the music on your car stereo, you will find a different sense of liberating energy oozing out of you.

For some people, it’s a love song, and for some people, it’s an urban-jungle cry. However, for us, it is the perfect song to match the tune of the pedal-to-the-metal escape vibe.

2: Where The Streets Have No Name-U2

This anthemic track of U2’s is a perfect opening song for any road trip. It starts with a whisper, and an organ’s sound forms like a spiritual beacon unveiled. Although the song portrays Bono’s vision of a free Ireland from class restrictions, it sends a full-on road trip vibe.

Countless highway warriors have stayed tuned to this song as they ventured out to wild places where the streets actually did not have a name.

3: Keep The Car Running-Arcade Fire

The song “Keep the Car Running” shows the urgency to escape city life and rice into the wilderness. It is originally based on the singer’s childhood nightmares that men will come to take him away, so they have to keep the car running.

There must be something better at the end of the road, which is why we must go on. If the song sends this vibe, will you ever be able to turn it off?

4: Take It Easy-The Eagles

In 1972, The Eagles took a flight with their classic debut to romance with the road. It is a mellow romantic tune that can be chucked at the simple sight of a girl hitchhiking on the road.


Therefore, this song will be a perfect addition to your playlist if you want to release all your tension and worry and get ahead on a carefree adventure.

5: Ride Like The Wind-Christopher Cross

If you start listening to this song, you’ll see how people condescendingly pigeonhole the guy as yacht rock, but he’s genuinely yacht-jet-and-rental-car rock. Despite its lily-white reputation, “Ride” is dangerous and seemingly cool.

When you hear the lyrics of him racing away to Mexico and hear those wind effects, percolating bongos, oily guitar licks, and electric piano, it could fit right on your travel playlist.

Closing Thoughts

This article has enlisted the top 5 songs to kick start your travel playlist. While we are well aware that only five songs can’t make up a playlist, we also know that you can make a playlist on your own if you get what kind of songs we are going for. If you want to know more travel songs, ping us in the comment section.

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