Best Greece Related Slots

There are tons of slot which are ancient civilization themed. Slots featuring Rome, Egypt, China, Aztec are common in various online casinos worldwide – play now at

The greek players are not left out of the fun as different software companies take inspiration from the Greek custom to create excellent slot games.

Regular Greek Slot Characters

Are you wondering the likely characters you will find while playing these Greek-themed online slots? Bother not as you may know some if not all of them. You probably know the most expected of them all, the great Zeus, the supreme of Greek mythical gods.

Following closely among the most notable Greek slot actors is his brother Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas and oceans, popular for his trident.

The next in line is not a god but a myth known as Medusa. Medusa is known for turning all who gaze into her eyes to stone.

You will also be in the company of Greek heroes, such as Achilles, Athena, and Ares, the god and goddess of war, and Apollo, the god of sun, light, prophecy, and knowledge.

Popular Greek-themed Slots

These remarkable slots are based on several themes, such as those involving a god against the Underworld.

· Guardians of Troy

You can lead the Guardians of Troy and save the Trojan Fortress from destruction in H5G’s Legends of Troy. There are plenty of eye-popping side attractions for everyone, including muscular warriors and damsels just for your viewing pleasure.

As a backup plan, you may decide to be the gods’ custodian and rescue the nymphs from the wayward god, Pan.

· Legends of Olympus

Do you look forward to defending the gods, better still with a weapon? Then, Legends of Olympus by Rabcat is the slot for you. You will stand shoulder to shoulder with Zeus and his army of Poseidon, Ares, and Aphrodite and stand a chance to be rewarded with 40,000 coins from your quest.

· Hot As Hades

Do you fancy a slot that focuses on conquest you can blitz through? If so, give Hot As Hades from Microgaming a go. You will be the hero chosen to defeat Hades and his cronies, such as Medusa and Cerberus-the dog of many heads, and you will stand a chance to find the precious Crystal Helm, as well as having Zeus’s chamber as your fight scene.

If you are for delightful scenery games, why not follow your cravings with HG5’s Ancient Arcadia, where there are scores of attractive Nymphs that need you to rescue them, and you will get rewarded with mouthwatering prizes and bonuses in return.

· Zeus 1,000

Finally, if you an ancient Greek slot lover, albeit with a different concept, then you need to check out Zeus 1,000 by WMS Gaming. When the main reels are heaped, you will be transported to the Colossal Reels on which you must seek Zeus’s blessings. If you are lucky to find his favour, Zeus will give you big prizes; otherwise, you will meet his wrath.

Do you know that what awaits you in the foregoing games are your favourite Wilds, Free Spins, and scatter bonuses? These games also have loads of Greek-themed prizes to win.


Greece being home to some of the world’s renowned slot software developers, has managed to showcase its heritage through games. Slot players the world over now have a multitude of options to pick from in an attempt to learn the Greek identity while enjoying the entertaining goodies available in their chosen picks.

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