Benefits of Having Exposed Aggregate Concrete on Home Grounds

Over the years, innovative concrete floors have gained popularity for their surface structure, decorative appearance and ruggedness. Although they are found on roads and footpaths, they are also popular on patios of homes. Contractors have valued the incredible durability and long lifespan of exposed concrete on home grounds, especially when they have an artistic touch. These give the designers and homeowners an unparalleled degree of aesthetic freedom to style the exteriors of their homes and their safety.

One of the increasingly favourable decorative concretes includes exposed aggregate concrete. The combination of strength, style and resistance makes it a preferred choice for contractors and homeowners. This article takes a deeper look into why.

They Provide Aesthetic Versatility

Regular concrete might look bland and not contribute to the aesthetic exterior of the house. Aggregate exposed concrete visibly stands out from the surface, giving a texture to the entire pavement. Additionally, homeowners have the liberty to choose from a range of decorative aggregates as material for the concrete floor and not stick with the drab-looking gravel that comes with regular concrete. They offer numerous colours, sizes, shapes, including stone and polished glass aggregates that provide luminescence to the concrete.

They Are Highly Customisable

Not all homeowners are the same, and not all houses look the same. People with a creative inclination may find exposed aggregate designs appealing as they can customise them to be as bold or subtle as they would like. Homeowners can play around with a combination of materials and patterns to get the unique look to complement the house.

They Provide High Durability

The aggregate may seem fragile and chic. However, its base concrete ensures sturdiness and stability to the pavement. It provides friction, skid resistance, better grip and is immune to wear, tears and scratches, making it the preferable choice for homes.

They Provide Better Traction

Although the installation process of regular concrete and aggregate concrete seem similar on the surface, they differ during the curing process. With the latter, contractors use water with bristled brushes to eliminate the cement residue from the surface, enabling to top of the slabs to pop out. It gives these a texture that enhances traction on the driveway, providing an ideal ground for homeowners to use their vehicles safely.

They Increase Home Value

The advantage of using highly durable and quality pavement material is that it adds a look and increases the long-term value of the house. Research shows that driveways with exposed aggregate add a minimum of 5-10% more home value in the market as they enhance the curb appeal, attracting potential buyers.

They Are Not Susceptible to Spalling

Spalling is a common problem homeowners find with concrete, especially during winters. The porous concrete material absorbs the moisture in the air and de-ices the salt. When the winter hits, this mixture expands and creates tension within the concrete, weakening its surface layer. Over time, it leads to crumbling, cracks and shears as one uses the surface. Due to its mixed composition, exposed concrete naturally prevents such damages as contractors remove the surface layer of concrete during installation.

They Are Low Maintenance

Unlike stone or wood pavements, one need not polish exposed concrete to ensure resistance or retain its smoothness. They also do not allow weeds to grow as cracks are rare, making them stress-free and cost-effective.

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