Authentic Wooden Rings For Men

Wooden rings are an excellent alternative to traditional metal and stone bands. They’re eco-friendly and easier on your skin, but they still have that elegance and style that makes them perfect for any occasion. In this post, I’ll show you some of the best wooden rings for men available in various styles.

Men’s Handcrafted Wooden Ring

They are handcrafted from maple, cherry, walnut, and maple. They come in sizes 8-13, including half sizes. The rings are available in black or brown, each with a wooden box and lifetime warranty. This ring is made from American hardwoods that are naturally grown without pesticides or chemicals. This means that the wood will not react with your skin like metal can do over time, so they’re perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies to other materials.

Dragon Grain Wood Ring

This ring is made from a composite of dragon grain wood. A company handcrafts it. It comes in sizes 8-12. It’s customizable so you can engrave your initials on it for free.

Wood Wedding Band

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly wedding band, wood rings are a perfect choice. These rings are made from natural materials, like wood and stone. They are also great if you love the outdoors or nature. They can bring images of hiking trails through forests or just sitting outside on a tree swing watching leaves fall from trees in the autumn season!

When shopping for wooden rings online, make sure they are made from real timber to make each ring unique. You may also consider engraving quotes on your wooden ring to make it even more sentimental. Make sure these engravings aren’t too big because they might not look very good when wearing the ring alongside other pieces.

Tungsten Carbide Wood Inlay Ring

This ring is a great option for those who want a wood inlay ring but want something slightly more unique than the traditional rosewood or maple. The Tungsten Carbide Wood Inlay Ring features a dark red carbon fiber inlay with an accent stripe of black carbon fiber on top.

Turquoise Wenge Wood & Sterling Silver Ring

It is a beautiful, masculine piece of jewelry. The wenge wood is a rich brown, and the turquoise stone colors are vibrant and bright. You can wear this ring as an everyday accessory to add just a little something extra to your outfit.

Amethyst Cherry Wood & Sterling Silver Ring

This ring is made from Cherry wood and Sterling silver. The beautiful amethyst stone is a deep purple, making it stand out against the band’s silver. Handmade in America, this ring comes in size 10.5. If you’re looking for an elegant wedding band or everyday accessory that doesn’t break the bank, look no further than this!

Black Walnut Wood & Titanium Ring

This ring is made from real black walnut wood and titanium. The wood makes the ring durable, while the titanium keeps it lightweight. This ring is especially great for men who work with their hands. It will keep up with all the wear and tear of your job!

Antler Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

This tungsten carbide ring has a unique look with its mix of wood and antler. The wood is koa, known for its dark brown color and beautiful grain pattern. The antler is made from buffalo horn, giving it an almost 3D effect that adds a rugged touch to the design.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our list of authentic wooden rings for men. Each of these rings was handcrafted by artisans and had a unique design. They are all great options for any man who loves wood-crafting or wants to wear something different daily!


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