A Practical Review about 250cc ATV– 2022

Hello everyone welcome to another blurb of 250cc atv and today what we will elaborate about 250 cc four-wheeler sport style quad. It’s not utility ones where you have racks in the front in the back really cool looking got slick body plastic mean look to it has nice little front guard. 

Braking System

Good thing about  this four wheeler you get  hydraulic brakes on each side on the  front  and most of the four wheelers that I’ve  seen that are like Chinese ones they  don’t come with the hydraulic brakes in  the front. They usually come with the drum brakes and there’s usually a hydraulic disc in the back.

Well the disc brakes in the back and front as well so that’s good it’s a straight axle drive chain sprocket chain driven. The way it works is all the way down is reverse all the way up you go up from reverse you get to neutral and then one two three four it’s  four speed all together  it’s four stroke single cylinder engine.

Let’s look at the right side so you have your thumb throttle you push it to go forward have your front brakes and the parking works like this you hold it and you put that get stuck and that’s your 

Parking brake. It also comes with a speed cover so if you wanted to limit the speed maybe a junior or like maybe somebody on experience is riding and you don’t want them to go fast you can use that screw it in do not go full throttle. Your clutch lever controls like how you’re moving  on this so that’s for your shifting just like on a standard motorcycle so that’s that on  this four-wheeler

Other Features

As you know 250cc atv has a pc30 carburetor on it so it’s slightly bigger than the regular pc26 you could find on other model four wheelers. Let’s look at the suspension in the front you have like an arm in the front good thing is these are adjustable. It has a high pressure nitrogen valve that’s  really good because so it has really good compressive strength  so I like that it’s really nice on the  rear.

Let’s see if it’s adjustable or not well I see some grooves it is adjustable so you can adjust the rear brakes on it rear suspension on it too that’s nice and if see at the handlebars all right so you have an easy control for your choke so you can use that you don’t have to reach all the way to the bottom for the carburetor you have your light control and that sets it off turn it on parking and that’s your full headlights turned on high beam low beam.

Starting Modes

You have your kill switch button so all the way to the left or the right will kill it. Now to start it up you have to push it you can hear that click now you’ll be able to start it no problem and then here’s your key comes with the spare key as well so you turn that on and that’s your gear indicator that says it’s in neutral right now and that it’ll glow right red when you’re in reverse.

250cc ATV is a lot more responsive than automatic ones so overall it’s the perfect four wheeler for your price.

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