5 Fancy Plastic Cups Ideas for Cocktail Hour to the Reception

Wedding cups are an essential part of all wedding festivities. Attractive and personalized cups can make your wedding cocktail hour, ceremony, reception, and after-party even more memorable. The market has an abundance of beautiful cups, such as minimalist designs with a frosted look, cool bar cups, or even wedding stadium cups. Naturally, choose the options that work best with your theme for the day and make you the happiest. 

So, if you have figured everything out for your big day and the only thing left to do is choose the plastic cups you will use for your wedding, read on to discover some of the best options you can choose from!

5 Plastic Cups for Wedding Festivities

Here are all the cups you can choose from for your special day:

Frosted Wedding Cups for Reception

Personalized frosted cups with minimalist or extravagant designs are perfect for all wedding festivities. Your guests will surely love sipping their champagne, soda, beer, cocktails, or water in these cups. They are also easy to hold during speeches. 

Moreover, you have endless customization options for these cups that are ideal for a wedding reception. Depending on the design you want, you can ask for bespoke frosted cups in various hues and ask the vendor to write your reception date, your initials, or a special message on them. 

Frosted Wine & Dessert Tumblers

If you’re on a budget and are looking for affordable yet durable wine and dessert tumblers, look no further than frosted wine and dessert tumblers. These shatterproof frosted tumbler cups are perfect for dessert bars or cocktail hour. They typically have a low profile and a wide mouth, making serving small cocktails, wine, and liquors easier.

Plus, you can use them to serve pudding, Jell-O-based desserts, mouse, and more desserts. You can get them personalized with your initials, wedding date, favorite quote, a special message, etc. Depending on how you personalize them, you can also put them in the welcome bags for wedding guests to take these cups home with them. 

Wedding Stadium Cups 

Wedding stadium cups are perfect for rehearsal dinners, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and even intimate receptions. These cups are tall and can hold more volume than the usual cups used for wedding festivities. They are ideal for self-serve wedding cocktail bars or beer stations. 

Stadium cups will surely be a hit with your wedding guests, who will love filling their cups with their choice of drink. Furthermore, they will be perfect for a fun and memorable beach wedding with a relaxed and intimate theme.  

You can personalize these cups with lids and straws, choose different colors for them, and get short welcome messages or quotes written on them. If you wish these cups to act as your wedding souvenirs, you can get your names or initials and your wedding date custom-printed on them.  

Styrofoam Cups for Multiple Events

During your wedding reception, are you looking for durable yet lightweight cups to serve cocoa, tea, soda, beer, coffee, slushes, and other ice-cold beverages? Look no further than the versatile Styrofoam cups. You can use these affordable and customizable cups for ice cream buffet tables at your reception so that your guests can make their own ice cream floats and sundaes in them. You can also use them for bridal showers.

You can get these cups personalized in your favorite hues and sizes. Many vendors also offer you the opportunity to use a monogram or design and use custom-printed lines of text on them. You can get your initials and a special quote printed on them. 

Minimalist Clear Plastic Cups

If you want no-hassle, minimalist cups for your wedding events, you can opt for premium-quality clear plastic cups that will work well for wedding receptions and cocktail hour. Your guests can use these tumbler-style cups to enjoy cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, mixed drinks, etc. 

You can also customize these clear cups with attractive lines of cursive text in the color of your choice. Alternatively, you can choose a minimalist look and go for small monograms on the cups that you can also print on your wedding cocktail napkins for a matching theme. 

How to Choose Cups for Your Wedding Festivities

Ideally, you should choose your wedding tumblers and cups based on your budget. After all, it just does not make sense to overspend and wreak havoc on your finances. So, choose affordable yet elegant and customizable cups that help you live your wedding dreams. 

When choosing cups for your wedding festivities, decide your budget, the purpose of each type of cup, the drinks you will serve, your preferred color or theme, and whether you will dispose of the cups or hand them out as gifts. It will help you make the correct decision for your wedding.  

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