5 Color Symbolisms for Caskets

When you have a loved one that has passed away, you will find that you need a casket. What most don’t know is that the color of your casket has a particular meaning. You should consider these colors and implications when you want to have the best funeral that will honor your loved one. 

A Purple Casket Is Noble

A purple casket will not only stand out, but purple has long since been a royal color. It also relates to luxury and opulence. However, if you choose a lighter shade of purple, it stands for nostalgia or femininity. If the deceased person loved the more extraordinary things in life, a deep purple would work well. However, if they were shy and sweet, a lighter color would suit their personality better. 

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A White Casket Is Pure

The color white is most often associated with new beginnings. If you are a religious family, you could use the white casket to symbolize that your loved one has entered Heaven. It also represents purity and innocence as well as calmness. That could also be symbolic of your loved one finding peace in Heaven. While some associate this color with coldness or isolation, most look at it for the reasons above. 

Pink Is Not Just For Making A Statement

While the color pink makes a statement, it’s the shade that matters. A regular pink could mean womanhood, while a paler pink is associated with sweetness and kindness. A darker pink (such as a dusty pink) will represent sentimentality. If the person you loved was a romantic person and loved love, you should choose a pale pink. On the opposite side, if your loved one was spunky, fun, and lived for adventure, you can choose hot pink.

Blue Is Versatile

Blue is a color that represents a variety of things. It can mean trust, honesty, responsibility, or loyalty. These meanings tie into the feeling of someone you trusted and didn’t doubt. It can also represent a tranquil feeling of peace, as well as wisdom. On the negative side, many associate blues with being sad or depressed. However, most associate the color blue with calmness and soothing emotions, as well as a feeling of hope. It is also another color that represents Heaven.

Yellow Is Unusual

You won’t see yellow caskets often, but when you do, you will find that they are the best choice for someone who is a ray of sunshine or someone cheerful, kind, and friendly. This would be a well-thought-out choice for someone who brought true joy to your life. If you are afraid that the color is too bright, you can make it less in your face with a white lining.

Finding The Right Color 

When you look for the right color for the one you love, you need to ensure that you have found a color that suits your personality. A bright orange casket wouldn’t work for them if they were a straight-laced person. Think carefully about what each area represents, and then you can pick a color that would make your loved one happy while being respectful. 

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