Project management certification test changes in January 2021 for the Project Management Professional (PMP). Please rest assured that Skillsoft has mastered the new PMP Test Content Outline and is ready to lead you and your team through the exam preparation process with the most current learning resources and support.

When it comes to project management credentials, the Project Management Institute (PMI) is doing its best to keep pace with industry changes. Project managers are being forced to consider project objectives as moving targets due to rapid advancements in technology and rapidly changing business environments. Modern problems need new methods and better instruments.

PMI acknowledges that the field is changing. A new test will take place starting in January 2021 as well. For the new test to remain legitimate and relevant, PMI is taking the required measures.

The New PMP Certification Exam

Leaders and practitioners throughout the globe gave us their thoughts. The PMP exam has developed to fit the needs of today’s profession, businesses, and individuals like you, the test-takers. In order to acquire a competitive advantage and show that you work smarter, it focuses on three domains:


Candidates’ leadership abilities are assessed in this sector, which accounts for 42% of the test. The following are some of the tasks evaluated:

  • Developing a group of people
  • Manage conflict
  • Maintaining a well-trained workforce


In this step of the process, experts analyse the technical elements of project management training and account for half of the exam’s weight. The PMP exam includes a few process tasks, such as:

  • Budgeting and resource management
  • Including project management tasks in daily operations
  • Keeping track of project updates

To put it another way, the business climate

This domain, which is just 8 percent of the total, measures a project manager’s ability to adhere to organisational policies. A few examples of tasks:

Planning and implementing the project’s legal requirements

  • Assessing the project’s advantages and worth
  • To aid in the implementation of new policies and procedures

Across the three test domains, content that encompasses the value delivery spectrum, including predictive, agile, and hybrid methods, will be covered.

The exam consists of the following:

No change in question count, although there will be a same number of marks awarded as there was before (200).

It takes 230 minutes to finish the test.

For computer-based assessments, Sprintzeal will be an extra 10-minute break. Paper-based examinations have no planned breaks.

Multiple answer, matching, hotspot, and limited fill in the blank questions will be used. The Exam Content Outline, which is accessible in many languages, provides an overview of the exam’s content.

The test was evaluated by PMI with the assistance of outside specialists. Instead of studying the PMBOK Guide, the consultants studied the duties that project managers really carry out on a daily basis.

According to the conclusions of the research, the new test will incorporate 50% information from predictive project management techniques, and 50% content from agile or hybrid approaches.

Unlike the prior process-focused test, this one will be centred on principles. This kind of project management is more value-driven and less directive.

What will the PMP test look like in 2021?

The former PMP exam was based on five domains: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing; the new test will be based on three: people, process, and business environment, and will go into effect on January 2, 2021.

There are three major changes to keep an eye out for in the new PMP exam in 2021.

  • Exam format for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam
  • The PMP Exam’s Material
  • Preparation for the ATP Exam

It’s important to be aware of these four expected content changes:

  • Project managers need to be familiar with three primary areas of high-level knowledge to pass the test. Humans, processes, and the business environment make up the three domains.
  • There will be 42% of test questions from each of these areas, 50% from each, and 8% from each of these areas.
  • There are duties and obligations that are common to project managers in each discipline.
  • Examples of the activities that a project manager might take to achieve each job are provided in the enablers section of each task.

The Recommended Course of Study

There is a widespread belief that the PMP test is only based on the PMBOK Guide. This is not the case. PMI has provided a list of 10 books that will be used for this test. It is possible that the new test will incorporate ideas and best practises from sources other than those included in the reference list, even if they are useful in preparing.

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