Types of Vacuum Cleaners and Their Functionality

A vacuum is a device that causes suction to remove dirt from upholstery, floors, draperies, and other surfaces. This article focuses on different types of vacuum cleaners readily available on the market.

Vacuum cleaners exist due to the discovery that James Spangler discovered in his idea for an electric broomstick-like cleaner, which he sold to William Hoover in 1908, the first practicable domestic cleaner. This discovery has made vacuum cleaners an essential device in human life.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

These cleaners are small in size, can be handled by using only one hand, and are specifically designed to clean surfaces that are tough to reach. Handheld vacuum cleaners can also clean pet hair and clean upholstery. Its flexibility lets the users force out dirt in tight places, for example, the internal parts of a car.

Moreover, handheld vacuums come in various forms, each unique price. These cleaners can be power-driven by batteries or from main power. The only disadvantage of these cleaners is that they cannot clean floors since it may take a lot of time to accomplish the task.

Canister vacuum cleaners

These vacuum cleaners have the qualities of both upright models and stick models. In this type of vacuum cleaner, the dust collector and motor are found in different units. These vacuums are among the most costly models, but they are technologically forward and multifunctional. Moreover, canister vacuum cleaners have long wands thus can be used in cleaning and maintaining bare floors, areas under furniture, stairs, and areas covered by carpet.

Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are the most popular and sought-after types of vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners have long handles and bodies, are mostly powered by batteries and have a powerhead. This type of vacuum cleaner is the most powerful.

Upright vacuum cleaners have two variants: a dirty air fan and a clean air fan. The contaminated air fan is a variant where a giant fan is installed next to the suction opening; therefore, the bag permits dust to pass through it, and the clean air fan variant contains a fan after the sack. The vacuum cleaner also has one of the most affordable vacuum cleaner price in Kenya.

Stick vacuum cleaners

These vacuum cleaners have a long stick-like handle and have a slender structure, thus making them very easy to tidily dart it into a corner when it is not in use. They also have powerheads and are battery-powered. They are lightweight and are primarily used when you need to clean quickly, or you want to pick up mess on surfaces.

Stick vacuum cleaners have a knack for cleaning hardwood floors, light carpeting, and small zone mats. Since stick vacuum cleaners have a long handle, you will not be required to bend over when using them. The only limitation to stick vacuum cleaners is that they are noisy and less powerful than upright vacuum cleaners.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners do all the drudge work while you are relaxing. These cleaners have become popular recently because of the little energy needed to clean. Due to the advancement in technology, new models of robotic vacuum cleaners can be operated and controlled using an application on a smartphone.

These vacuum cleaners can clean places where more giant vacuum cleaners cannot reach; therefore, it will save your precious time. Some models of robotic vacuum cleaners can find their way from extension cords and tight spots easily while sucking out the dirt, grime, and any messes in the way.


Vacuum cleaners are accessible in diverse shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. Nevertheless, the most vital thing is how good a vacuum cleaner cleans and fits into your cleaning desires.

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