Types of Labs Grown Diamonds Available in Australia

There are many different types of lab-grown diamonds available, and they can be found in any color and shape you would like. This means they can be set in any piece of jewelry that you would like. In addition, you can get them in a variety of shapes, including ovals, round, pear, and heart shapes. Here are some of the most popular lab-grown diamonds available in Australia. Read on to discover the different types of lab-grown diamonds and their unique qualities.


If you’re looking for a lab diamonds Sydney, then you’ve come to the right place. Novita Diamonds Sydney is Australia’s largest lab diamond retailer. Stop by the showroom today to see what makes their diamonds so special. Located in the city’s Rockpool area, the showroom features a wide selection of rings and engagement rings. While you’re there, you can also learn more about their diamonds, their quality, and their warranty.

As Australia’s lab created diamonds retailer, NOVITA DIAMONDS has expanded its reach globally to provide its customers with the cleanest, highest-quality, and ethical diamonds. The company’s mission of creating affordable and sustainable diamonds for consumers hasn’t changed, but its commitment to social responsibility and ethics has. Since opening in Australia, NOVITA DIAMONDS has earned a stellar reputation for transparency and ethical business practices.

Blue Nile

When you’re planning to buy a diamond ring, you might want to look into buying it from the Blue Nile. Their diamonds have been tested to be flawless, which makes them more affordable than mined ones. Unlike mined diamonds, Blue Nile lab diamonds do not have prongs that need to be re-tipped and will last forever. Moreover, Blue Nile offers much better pricing than retail stores.

In fact, their Lightbox fine jewelry collection starts at just $600 and includes beautiful 14k gold pieces with lab-grown diamonds. While diamonds are nearly colorless in nature, they can actually come in different colors, including blue and pink. The rarer the color, the more expensive the diamond is. For that reason, the creation of a pink or blue diamond is simple. The Blue Nile lab-grown collection has the traditional white color as well as blush pink and sky blue.

James Allen

When it comes to lab-grown diamonds, James Allen offers a wide variety of diamond options. Designed to match your unique style, the rings are available in a variety of settings and can be displayed in a high-definition 360-degree video. Whether you’re planning to propose to your partner with a dazzling diamond ring, James Allen will be able to provide the perfect solution for your budget and taste.

The inventory at James Allen varies between four to ten thousand carats and is expected to reach forty thousand by the end of 2021. The diamonds on offer are graded by IGI, GSI, and GCAL. Because of the high standards of these labs, James Allen says the stones are identical to natural diamonds. The inventory can be tracked from mine to polished gem and comes with full grading reports.


With just a handful of pieces, Jessica Neuhaus and her husband, Daniel, are quickly making a name for themselves with their designer diamond jewelry. The company began with $10,000 in personal savings, a website, and a few pieces to photograph for potential customers. Neuhaus designed the pieces in London and then sourced diamonds and metals in the US and Israel. The team then worked with goldsmiths in Antwerp to set the pieces.


While natural diamonds undergo intense heat and pressure, lab grown diamonds are created through two chemical processes. The first process involves placing diamond seeds in a chamber filled with hydrogen and methane gases. Once the chamber is heated to about 900-1200 degrees Celsius, the seeds fuse together and form a rough diamond. The entire process can be completed in under a month. Kimai Lab diamonds Sydney

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