How to get a healthy glow

Winter is coming, and so is paler and the plethora of skin problems. The lack of sun makes the skin look sickly pallor. Moreover, lack of moisture in the air, coupled with the dry heat from the fireplace also leeches the moisture of the skin.

Consequently, skin becomes dry and pale, and you look anything but healthy. Dull skin may have an impact on the way you perceive yourself, and your beauty, therefore can have impact on your self-esteem and mental health. 

However, dry skin not only poses aesthetic challenges, but also can be rather difficult to live with. The scaly skin sheds and makes putting on makeup a nightmare. Dry skin is also more prone to breaking, leading to problems like broken and painful skin. 

The issue with dry skin can be downright painful; the itching and irritation can be too much to bear, thereby meriting a visit to the Best Skin specialist in Lahore

If having a glowing skin, rather lack thereof, is your bigger concern, read on to find out how to get a healthy glow!

Healthy glow: Here we come!

Facial massage 

Massage helps in promoting the blood flow to the face. When cells receive oxygen and the nutrients, courtesy of the improved blood flow, they also flourish. This then improves the cell turnover and also makes the skin glow and turn rosy. 

For maximum impact, massage with virgin coconut oil, which not only helps in making your skin look dewy, but it also curbs inflammation. Virgin coconut oil is also an excellent antioxidant, that helps in improving the texture and appearance of the skin. It also facilitates in undoing the damage sustained by the skin due to pollution and oxidative stress. 

Hydrate your skin 

For glowing and supple skin, it is imperative that you hydrate it. Otherwise, the dreaded dry patches appear, that take away the glow from the skin. 

Hence, it is vital that you invest in a good moisturizer so that your skin is well hydrated and therefore, glowing. 

Similarly, you can also make DIY hydrating masks that are effective. One recipe is mixing yogurt, that has lactic acid, which is excellent exfoliant, with mashed avocado, which is good source of fats that help in nourishing and hydrating the skin.  

Get a serum 

Serums are not one of the frivolous beauty products, but something essential. They penetrate deep into the skin and offer targeted treatment. Hydrating serums are especially excellent for remedying the dreaded dry skin. 

Brightening serums are also available, that are fortified with ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that offer glowing skin. 

Invest in a toner 

Toners are also an essential item to have at hand for a glowing skin. Toners help in the making your skin hydrated, and thus facilitating in the deeper penetration of skincare potions and cream that help you put on to get the glow that you badly want. 


Exfoliation is imperative for having a glowing skin. Otherwise, the dead skin forms a layer on the face, that then leads to dull complexion. Thus, regularly exfoliate. However, physical exfoliants can be too harsh for the delicate facial skin. Chemical exfoliants like AHA, BHA are much better a choice.  

Trip to the doctor

There are many cosmetic procedures that can lend you an extra hand in getting better. One popular treatment is microneedling, that involves pricking the skin, which helps in improving skin texture, acts to counter dullness and gives your skin cells a boost. 

Likewise, another popular choice is laser treatment, that helps in renewing the surface skin and thus gives your skin the healthy glow that you need. You can consult your Skin specialist in Karachi for the best treatment 

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