How to Find the Best Anti Snoring Device

Nobody likes lying awake in bed while their spouse snores the night away next to them. So, are you highly ready to go for a good night’s sleep?

Chin Strips? Nasal dilators? Mouth Tape? Pillow Inserts? Or an anti-snoring mouthguard? Which gadget would you choose? There is a comprehensive offering to choose from!

But is it genuinely essential to get your hands on an anti-snoring gadget?

Researchers believe that the quality of your sleep also impacts the ties of your marital relationship. So, well, if love is on the line, you might want to adopt a helpful measure, after all!

Now that it’s established that preventing disruptive noises is quite essential, how do you find the best anti-snoring gadget for yourself?

Here’s how!

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Anti Snoring Gadget

With such a wide variety of gadgets to choose from – so many styles and models – making a choice can be overwhelming. 

Consider these crucial factors before you bring home an anti-snoring mouthguard!


The two kinds of antisnoring mouthguards are by and large.

One is Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs). It essentially pushes your lower jaw forward and keeps the tongue in place while the airway stays completely open. 

Another is Tongue Retaining Device (TRDs). TRD does not fiddle around with your jaw. Instead, it directly keeps your tongue in a proper position. 

Both the mouthpieces have different mechanisms, but both ensure to keep your airway open. 

No more snoring from now! 


Comfort is highly subjective. But it is also the most significant factor before you choose an anti-snoring device. 

While someone might like the feeling of a MAD pushing forward their jaw, another person might not. Similarly, one could prefer the feel of suction that a TRD creates on the tongue, but someone else might find it disturbing.

Many people desire a less invasive device to help with their snoring issue. Adjusting the pillow or a mouth/chin tape might be the best solution.

So, think thoroughly and consider your preferences before investing in a device. Maybe even talk to your doctor about the variety of options!


A MAD usually has several contact points with your upper and lower jaw. Hence, it offers customisation that would serve best as per your needs.

TRD, on the other hand, rests on your tongue, barely leaving any scope for customisation. Although, you may have different size offerings in TRD, as well.


Besides the option to customise your anti-snoring device, some gadgets also offer great adjustability. Like, MAD allows you to adjust the way it pushes your jaw. But, TRD and mouth tape is not adjustable.

Quality Material

Most anti-snoring mouth guard uses quality material like medical-grade silicone, BPA-free plastic, or a mixture of both. A customisable MAD is often made of heat-resistant thermoplastic. It specifically helps to mould its structure to the comfort of your mouth.

Pillow inserts are usually made of the same material as a regular pillow. A mouth tape boasts flexible material and comes with an adhesive backing, usually with one-time usage. 

So, ensure your device employs standard material!

Cleaning Issues

Most importantly, with devices that you might use daily, make sure they are easy to clean. Follow the directions given by the manufacturer. 

In most cases, using a non-abrasive toothpaste with a soft bristle toothbrush and hot water will help clean the mouthpiece easily.

Final Word

A night of good sleep is everyone’s birthright. When you sleep soundly, your productivity in the day will be top-notch. 

So, do not shy away from getting an anti-snoring mouthpiece. It is safe to use. Customise it to your comfort, and keep it sterilised between every use. 

Get a good night’s sleep, dear friend!

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