Get to Know More About Lawn Mowers

Having a neat and clean compound free from long grass is now made easier, getting rid of rodents, mosquitoes and many more harmful crawling animals that survive on long and bushy grasses is too made possible. A lawn mower is a useful machine that has aided in home sanitation and land scaling in our various homes and institutions. Let us now talk more about the machine.

A lawn mower is a mechanical tool used in clearing bushy compounds to maintain sanity and discourage the habitation of harmful wild animals. This device, however much it has been in the market, many people still do not have much information about it. This article therefore will be of great importance since it will succinctly cover the necessary information.

Figure 1.1: The Lawn Mower.

I will cover the following information about the lawnmower:

  1. Types of lawn mower
  2. Parts of a lawn mower
  3. Operation of the machine
  4. Prices of the equipment
  5. Maintenance Practices

Types of the Machine

Lawn mowers, just like other machines are available in various types. Most types available in the markets are: Push mowers, these are mechanical but have people pushing them as they mow around. Self-propelled mowers are just like motor vehicles and move easily. Other types are; riding mowers, zero-turn, cylinder and rotary mowers.

The Parts of the Machine

Let me state some of the basic parts of the machine that contribute to its functionality. When buying a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower, you have to ensure the following parts are intact: air filter, spark plug, blade, engine and mortar.

How do you operate the Machine?

This is one of the machines that is the easiest to operate. The most important consideration is the source of power, having enough and a reliable source of fuel. The operator must always consider following the instructor manual and adhere to the operation procedure as this will make the machine serve you at its best and for a longer duration.

Prices of the Equipment

Compared to other machines, lawnmowers are relatively cheaper despite their critical role in cleaning our surroundings. There are different sizes and types of machines hence leading to the difference in their prices. The cheapest machine goes at Ksh. 45,000.00 while the most expensive which is also more technical is averagely Ksh. 120,000.

Maintenance Practices

A machine at its best needs the most maintenance and routine management practices. Buying a lawn mower is not enough, regular cleaning, replacement of worn-out parts and oiling of the movable parts among other maintenance practices will make your machine more productive. Maintenance is just as important as buying the tool.


Having gone through the details of the machine, you are now full of information to help you in decision making. It is worth noting that you must always have proper information about a machine before spending your hard-earned money on it. Never rush to invest in equipment before you gather enough information about it.

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