Different Kinds of Heels for Your Different Looks!

For the past few years, footwear has evolved in multiple forms, giving major head-turns. One of its kind, the front open/ peep-toe shoes / open-toe heels have been the trendiest footwear styles in recent times. And we assume these are here to stay for longer! Thanks to their elegant and distinct appeal. Peep-toe shoes come in various types, including sensual heels, traditional pumps, and flats. 

These heels come in a variety of forms and sizes. So, finding the ideal pair for your outfit can be difficult when so many variations are available. Before you pick one, make sure to learn more about the many sorts of heels and how to wear them. These heels are so versatile that they can be carried to almost every event!! Whether you are at an office party, dressing for the workplace, or having a night out with the girls. These heels are the go-to option. If you rely on just one kind of heels, this is the best option. However, make sure you have specific colour options to pair with the dresses! 

Here are some excellent ideas to style your Open-toe heels perfectly.  

  • If you choose a block heel or a platform, white open-toe style, they are ideal for everyday wear. You can also select super high heels for formal occasions or parties. In either case, they look great with pants and dresses alike. 
  • Summer is the perfect time to wear strappy open-toe sandals with bright dresses. Pair your favourite summer dress with white open-toe heels, and you’ll have a celebrity-like look in less than five minutes. 
  • During the summer, you can wear open-toe heels every day. Significantly, the white open heels have a retro vibe. You will achieve a great look that is comfortable and easy to wear.

With these many styling tips, you can easily find a style that suits your personality and taste. Besides, we have curated some types of footwear based on open toes. Let’s have a look at them: 

Lace-up white heels: 

These heels are appropriate for both casual and formal outfits. The white shade is highly versatile and can be combined with bright and dark colours. Wear neutral colours such as white, beige, and black if you want to keep your outfit low-key and professional. This is ideal for work, but it can also be worn to a casual meeting. 

Block heels: 

These are chunky heels that are square or cylindrical. They are known for being the most comfortable kind of heels. The heel shape evenly distributes weight, giving them the utmost comfort. Block heels complement well with skinny jeans and a variety of dresses. 

Kitten open toe heels: 

These heels are a great option if you’re looking for a pair of low-impact. One might wear these with denim. Kitten heels are short stiletto heels that look great with office attire, jeans, and other elements in a capsule wardrobe. 

Platform heels: 

These are named because of the broad base of the heel that runs along the shoe’s sole, giving it a platform-like look. They add height to the entire shoe rather than just the heel. The larger the platform, the shorter the heel will feel, making it easier to walk in. This versatile heel can be worn with jeans, cocktail attire, or flowy maxi dresses. 


Corsets are striking shoes that come in a variety of styles. Most corsets have a lace-up in the front and contain the foot on both sides. These heels are ideal for wearing gowns and bodycon dresses. One can also carry them well with miniskirts. 

Ankle strap heels: 

These moderate heel shoes with a strap that wraps around the ankle. So, they make an excellent pair for already very tall people. It is fastened by a buckle, while these heels are versatile, making the legs appear shorter.  

Stiletto heels: 

These are the classic high heels prevalent in the open-toe heels variety. These heels can add height and range from one to ten inches. Besides, they have thin heel. This can be worn with cocktail attires nicely. 

Heels are available in a variety of sizes and a plethora of designs. Finding the perfect pair can be a difficult task. Learn more about the difference; however, if you learn about the various types of heels and how to wear them, you can surely make an impact! 

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