Astrological method to find solution- Pukhraj stone

As we all know, life comes up with responsibilities. When we get old, these responsibilities increase. Within these responsibilities, people are trying to find what is the purpose of their life. A person who doesn’t know what is the purpose of his life? The only thing he can find his happiness and peace. Different people can find peace in other places. Some can find peace after completing a particular work, can find peace while doing good for the family. While searching for this peace, people try different methods too. For finding peace, the person takes help from many things like using many types of astrological methods. If a person goes to an astrologer, the astrologer looks over the problem and suggests to him the solutions for that particular problem. Different things have different solutions. People believe in wearing gems or crystals given by an astrologer. They think that this gem can protect them and help them in finding peace, they can increase their knowledge with it and can even increase their wealth. Astrologers suggest a particular gem according to the planetary situation of the person. According to this planet system, finding out which planet is being a hurdle for the person. People use different gems for different problems. The most famous and common gem is the Pukhraj stone also known as a yellow sapphire gem in English. People wear this crystal in the form of a ring on their finger or as a locket on their neck. People do believe that with the help of this crystal, they can find wealth and knowledge. Astrologers suggest wearing this gem to a person when there is a problem with his planetary system, mainly with planet Jupiter. 


Here are some benefits for the person who uses the Pukhraj gem: 


  1. Protection from evil – Some people believe that wearing a Pukhraj stone can help them to protect themselves from evil powers. Being a powerful stone, Pukhraj has a strong will to fight that evil power. To protect themselves from evil spirits and powers, people wear this gem. Astrologers mainly suggest the person wear this stone so that they can protect themselves from an evil eye. Many people believe in bad spirits, this stone can remove their fear and may also help them to overcome it. 
  2. Benefits for women – It has been seen that this gem helps women especially, those who are unmarried. Many people suggest women wearing this gem so that they can get married soon. Many girls prefer to wear this crystal so that they can find a generous and loving groom in the future. Women were this gem in a belief that they could get happiness in their married life. Astrologers suggest women wear this stone so that they can keep the generation going on. It is believed that this stone has a power that can provide women peace in their marital life. 
  3. Heal the person – People say that Jupiter is the king of the planets. If there is a problem in the Jupiter system in the planetary circle of the person, he may face many problems. This stone has the power to heal the person and it can give him better health. Even if a person is suffering from a severe condition, He can get healed with the help of this stone. People mainly wear the stone to get peace and to cool their minds. It has a very strong healing power that can provide happiness and protect him from accidental death. 
  4. Increase knowledge – With the help of this stone, a person can cool the mind and think of a solution to his problem. This can increase the knowledge of a person and can help him to come out of a situation without panicking about it. This stone can help the person to increase his knowledge about different things which can also help in increasing his IQ levels. Many parents use this stone for their average children to make them smart. It has been observed that this stone has a power of knowledge that can increase the learning power of a person. It helps the children to concentrate on their studies more. More concentration can help in more gain of knowledge.
  5. Weight loss – Many people like to wear this gem as they believe that it can help them to lose weight. Astrologers suggest that this stone has a power that can also help a person lose weight. This stone not only can help in losing weight but can also improve the skin and hair texture of the person. With the help of his healing power feature, this stone can help a person to improve their health which can improve their skin tone and helps in weight loss. Everybody wants to be a better version of themselves. This stone can help them to improve themselves in any field, even in the process of weight loss.


From all the points mentioned above, we can say that this Pukhraj stone is an important and helpful gem for persons to heal themselves or who are finding inner peace. It has many benefits but, it also has some side effects so before using a Pukhraj stone, a person should always consult his astrologer. He should not wear this powerful stone under the influence of some other person because maybe the Jupiter in this system may not be a hurdle for him but the other person. Without any consultation from the astrologer, a person can get side effects from this stone. So, consultancy and permission from an astrologer are important. People who believe in astrology and Vastu-shastra use these types of different stones to get rid of their problems. You can say that it is their belief, these astrological gems can help a person to be a better version of himself. A person wants to be happy, he wants to find happiness in small things and if this thing is being provided to him then guess this is the main goal for the person. If this belief can provide him happiness then the person should go for it.

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