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How to play Casino Cards  games?

The dealer deals four cards to each player, four cards face up in the centre. Trading traditionally uses two cards at a time, two for each player, two for the table, and two for the dealer. The rest of the cards will be saved. After each player has played 4 cards, deal 4 more cards from the remaining deck. After the first transaction, no more cards will be dealt to the table. This continues until all 52 cards are played. When dealing with the last hand, the dealer must declare “Last Hand”. After the last hand is played, the dealer takes a position on a left pass.


The player on the left side of the dealer starts and the play moves clockwise. During your turn, each player must put a card from his or her hand face up on the table to play one. This card can be used to capture one or more cards from the table. Play is passed with or without a capture.

In the case of capture, after other players see the capture card, the player collects the cards captured by the capture card and places them face down on the pile. If there is no catch, the card is placed face up on the table.

Possible game types:

Capture with a face card. You can capture face cards on the table by playing face cards of the same rank as the table (King, Queen, Jack). If you have multiple matching cards in your table, you can only capture one.

Capture with a number card. When playing number cards (A and 2-10), you can capture any number card with the same face value. Under these limits, you can also capture a set of cards where the sum sums the value of the cards played. Cards in a build (see below) can only be captured by cards with a value equal to the value requested in that build. If you capture a set, individual cards may only be counted as being in that set.

Example: Play 6, you can capture one, 2 できる トランプ or three sixes. You can also catch two 3s and three 2s. Form builds / buildings and place number cards together to combine with other cards on the table. This is forming a build. They consist of a collection of number cards captured by a single number card according to the previous rules. Anyone who builds should announce the value of the capture card to other players. For example, “Build 6”. Players must have a number card that they can use to capture later. There are two types of builds:

A single build has トランプ ゲーム 2 or more cards, the face value of which is added to the value of the build. Multiple builds have more than one card or set, and each set must be equal to the build value. For example, an 8 build could be a bee built with 8, Ace and 7, 24, or 5 and 3. If the player has 8 and the table has 3 and 5, these cards can be combined to form multiple builds.

The build must contain the card you just played, not just the cards on the table. Builds can only be captured as a unit, not individual cards. Capture the build using a card with the same value as the build capture card. If you have builds you created and / or added during your turn and no other player has added them since your last turn, you simply can’t track the cards (see below). You need to capture the card, create a new build, or add it to an existing build. Whichever you play, if you don’t have the same card as your build, you won’t be able to capture or add to your build. If you decide to capture a build, you also have the opportunity to capture a single number card on the table that equals or sums the build values.

Add it to your build in one of two ways:

Use the cards in your hand to add them to one build. This will increase the capture value for that build. Of course, only if you have a card in your hand that is equal to the new capture value. You can also add cards to this build from the table if you are willing to. However, the cards in the table cannot change the build value. You cannot change the number of captures for multiple builds. See the example below. If a player has a card that can capture one or more builds, they can add cards from their hand or a combination of cards in their hand and cards on the table, unless they are already included in the build.

Example: There are two and three buildings on the table, labelled “Building 5”. If you have 3 and 8 in hand, you can add 3 to that building and announce “Building 8”. If another player has an ace and a 9, they can add the ace to the building and declare “Building 9”. You must use one card from your hand when adding it to the build.

If you don’t want to track or capture the card, you can also track the card. One card is placed face-up next to the layout that will be played later in the game. Playback will proceed. Even if you can capture the card, you can keep track of it.

Variety – Casino Royale

Regular casino rules apply, but the face cards have additional values: Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13. Ace = 1 or 14. At Casino Royale, it’s tempting to hold the ace longer so you can play 14.

Casino Royale also uses variant scanning. This happens when one player takes all cards from the table and the next player must follow. If a sweep is made, place the capture card face up on their winning deck. 1 point per sweep.

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