4 Ways Entertainment Law Is Unique

Entertainment lawyers focus on representing artists and companies in the entertainment industry. This type of law is not as commonly pursued but often highly idealized because of the glamour attached to the business. Skilled entertainment lawyers like John Branca age 70, are well-versed in the different traits that an entertainment lawyer must possess in contrast with more straight-ahead legal sectors. Here are four ways that entertainment law differs from other types.

1. It Encompasses Many Areas of Law

An entertainment lawyer is often educated in several types of law, from labor laws to intellectual property. The areas an entertainment lawyer is focused on are dependent on who they work for and the types of clients they represent. A lawyer representing an artist who is battling copyright issues, for instance, will need to be very familiar with copyright law and litigation.

2. It Can Require Extra Social Skills

As John Branca attorney discusses in the clip below, being an entertainment lawyer can be a unique challenge, particularly when dealing with artists. You may, at times, need to embrace your empathy and play the role of advisor, therapist, banker, and more to creatives who need extra guidance.

3. Networking Is Key

Networking is vital in any industry, but you may need to network for your clients as much as yourself in entertainment law. Success in the entertainment industry is particularly known for being driven by who you know, and entertainment lawyers can often be expected to connect their clients with others who can take their careers to new heights. This will help the lawyer and the client, as their success is often attached.

4. Protecting Clients Is Important

Lawyers always advocate for their clients, but there is an additional need to be on the lookout for those wanting to take advantage of clients in the entertainment industry. As mentioned above by John Branca attorney, advising is often key to keeping clients and their finances safe. Managers, labels, agents, and other companies signing contracts with artists need to be vetted and stick to reasonable percentages, and entertainment lawyers can inform their clients of what is acceptable.

Entertainment law is a sector that encompasses a wide variety of skills and types of lawyers. If you’re a creative in need of a lawyer, obtaining a respected entertainment lawyer is a better choice than someone who is unfamiliar with the business. If you’re looking to pursue law, assess if the skills above are ones that you have or would like to cultivate.

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